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This film is being created to reveal the intricate, complex, and mysterious world of Honeybees while giving the credit to the Creator of the Universe.

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The Language of Honeybees

Honeybees communicate in their own unique ways. Foraging bees communicate the source of pollen and nectar with instructions for distance, direction, quality, quantity, and type.

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The Mysteries of Honeybees

How honeybees manufacture various chemical products is one of many mysteries. From the intake of water, nectar, and pollen, they manufacture wax comb, propulus, royal jelly (for the queen cells), and, of course, honey.

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The Precision of Honeybees

Mathematically perfect, hexagon-shaped comb is just one aspect of precision in honeybee life. It’s the most obvious because it is so visual, but chemical manufacturing, role changing, and navigation are equally precise. We explore all these areas with the latest research.

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